Question: What is Zero ?


Zero is symbolized by 0 and has several meanings. The number which does not change anything when you add it to another number. On the number line it lies mid way between -1 and + 1. It is the value of a set which has no members. The symbol for zero is 0.

  • It is the starting point for many scales, such as temperature in degrees Celsius, where it corresponds to the freezing point of water.
  • It is a place holder in our number system enabling us, for example, to distinguish between 4, 40, and 0.0004
  • The diagonals bisect the interior angles and are lines of symmetry.
  • The number which we can add to anything without changing it (i.e the additive identity).
  • The number which is unchanged by multiplication by other numbers.
  • Zero is both real and rational.
  • It is the name given to the identity element under addition for numbers, vectors and matrices. For example,